Summer Demo 2019

by The Resource Network

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IrateTapes This is probably their strongest release yet, and that’s saying a lot. One of the best in the Midwest and in punk in general (in my opinion). Favorite track: The Machine.
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I Can't Believe it's Another Resource Network, Big Hog Tour presents: Need for Speed.

Catch the pop stars run around North America... Summer starts now and it starts with this tape. If you wanna hear the live tracks, hunt down a physical.

7/3 Nashville, TN @ Private Idaho w/ Anti-Human
7/4 Charlotte, NC @ Hangout House w/ Mutant Strain & Shit Dogma
7/5 Richmond, VA @ Crystal Palace w/ VV & Harsh Realm
7/6 TBA
7/7 Philadelphia, PA @ Cousin Dannys w/ the Cavemen, TVO, & Positronix
7/8 Providence, RI @ ADNC w/ HSQ, Cult Fiction, & Boiling point
7/9 Boston, MA @ Blodge w/ Math the band, pcp & da Knives, Cult Fiction
7/10 New York, NY @ the Glove w/ Not Amused & Sleasse
7/11-14 Montreal, QC
( I Can't Believe it's Not Paris Fest ) w/ Urochromes, New Vogue, etc.
7/15 London, ON @ TBA w/ the Waterheads

Recorded and Mixed by TRN
Mastered by Levi Bennington


released June 28, 2019


all rights reserved



The Resource Network Indianapolis, Indiana

Founded in the ruins of misguided and poorly constructed leadership. The Resource Network is a metaphorical platform for refugees of society and condemnation. We set our eyes on providing the best product for our consumers. If they are happy our pockets are full. ... more

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Track Name: The Machine
I am a stein filled up to the brim
My yellow body fizzles and my head is bubbling

I'm absurd but your being obscene
I'm constructed by humanity to feed everything back to this machine

I'm your gut filled with your last meal
I'm rumbling thrown back up your force fed bread fish and veal

I'm absurd but your being obscene
I'm constructed by humanity to feed everything back to this machine

I'm a scumbag a dirty piece of trash
I'm an outcast because I won't give you what you won't give me back

I'm absurd but your being obscene
I'm constructed by humanity to feed everything back to this machine
Track Name: MFK
Hide me from the phone
If it rings I'm out of town
Ignorance is bliss isn't it?

Fuck I
Kill myself
Marry me!

I don't care to see you anywhere
No I don't care
Track Name: Patriotic Pride
I don’t want to watch you take away civilization
I don’t wanna watch you take away a human rights
All the blind racism that sends kids off reservations
When you take them from their parents in the middle of the night

The only thing that matters is that I get reelected
Stacking my dictatorship with funding from the right
Common sense and decency, well, they won’t get you nowhere
Ruin someone’s life for quote patriotic pride

Look into their eyes all you’re seeing is yourself
Sitting on a pedestal while they’re rotting in hell
Focusing energy on creating new distractions
Media attention redirected in high fashion
Lying through your teeth while their locked up in a cage
And you can’t stop laughing counting all the money that you made
Standing there preaching that you gotta love that flag
While they’re massacring freedom and nobody feels that bad

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